Went to see the new X-Men movie last night. Some nice eye-candy, but unless you’re a special effects fan, definitely NOT worth the cost of admission. Go see it at a matinee or wait to see it on DVD.

It was all so sloppy. Granted this is a comic book license, but when you transition to live action you have to make it somewhat believable. Stuff like people running around in a frigid arctic setting and showing no signs of cold. You don’t see their breath, they don’t ‘act’ cold. Um, jets winding in and out of tornadoes like they have the turn radius of a Volkswagon Bug. The whole movie just screamed “Filmed on a sound stage!”

I must say that Nightcrawler almost makes the whole thing worth seeing, though. He is both a neat character and has some very cool fx. But between the sloppy filmography and the gaping holes in the story (which I won’t go into for spoiler reasons), it just isn’t worth paying $10 to see.