Spirited Away

I watched Spirited Away and ever since I’ve been wanting to do a blog entry about it but I just freeze up whenever I try. I’m not good at ‘reviewing’ films and I’m scared to death I won’t do the film justice. Because this is a wonderful movie that will appeal to all dreamers, be they young or old.

Spirited Away is directed by Hayao Miyazaki, who also did the fabulous Princess Mononoke as well as Kiki’s Delivery Service, among many others. Some of the richly organic imagery that made Mononoke “pop” is also in Spirited, but this later film is much safer viewing for American audiences. Disney imported it, but happily they didn’t destroy it in the process.

Anyway, its the story of a little girl who gets caught up in a world of spirits, trying to save her mother and father. She grows remarkably in a few short days as she struggles to come to terms with this strange world, and in so doing she changes the world around her as well. There are some eerie moments that will probably give the little ones a good fright, some wonderfully “EWWWW!” moments, and some real “all choked up” spots as well. And at the end of the ride, you’ll be left pondering what just happened. If you’re new to anime this may seem strange…unlike Hollywood films, anime often opts not to tie up all the loose ends, leaving you both entertained and stimulated.

Bottom line: this is a wonderful movie. Watch it.