Picked up off The Screensavers… Chris Dibona, who until recently was with OSDN, has moved full time to new company Damage Studios. They’re working on a MM game called Rekonstruction. Quite an ambitious project, it takes place on Earth in the future, and they’re using satelite imaging to ensure the maps are all accurate.

This is a seriously ambitious project…they’re hoping to support 1,000,000 concurrent users! (How they think they’re going to attract that many, I have no idea.) Here’s the gak:

“By dynamically incorporating real-world data, such as weather statistics, and modeling real-world environments, such as major urban centers and landmarks, Rekonstruction will allow players to interact and shape the world in real-time, Rekonstruction begins to blur the distinctions between the game and real life.”

Official Site
Interview at RPGDot