Game renting

So I’m trying out a new service, after being horribly scarred by my Star Wars: The Clone Wars experience. The service, which I can’t name since its still in kindof limited ‘beta’ release, is an XBox exclusive mail-order game rental deal. You pay $20/month (which seems a bit steep to me) and can have 2 games rented at any time. Basically the NetFlix model, only for games. There are no late fees…you can keep a game as long as you want.

For a hardcore XBox gamer, $20/month is probably fine. But I go weeks without turning on my XBox while I’m wrapped up in a PC, PS2 or GameCube game. On the other hand, if it keep me from buying a Clone Wars every 2 months, it’ll save me money.

I got an email that my first two titles (Apex and TimeSplitters 2) shipped today, so we’ll see how long it takes for them to arrive.