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This morning I was reading Dusty Monk’s latest post over at Of Course I’ll Play It. It’s a great read about Guild Wars in particular and difficulty in games in general. Dusty just finished the Nightfall campaign after a lot of struggling, research and experimentation. So how’d that feel? To […]

In which I realize (finally) that the basic gameplay of most MMOs is dead boring.

Boardgamers, miniatures wargamers and pen & paper RPG players all feel comfortable with tweaking rule sets to suit their play styles. Why don’t video and computer gamers do the same thing? Just because a game lets you do something, it doesn’t mean you have to do it.

What if games could invoke true emotions in players? Would that be a good thing? Lost Garden’s Dan Cook thinks so, but I’m not as sure.

So yeah, The 3rd Birthday is already starting to gather dust. Why? It isn’t you, Aya. It’s me. I’ve discovered something about myself; I don’t want game developers challenging me. Now wait! Hear me out. I don’t want them challenging me…I want them to give me ways to challenge myself. […]

I was going to let this WoW discussion go but then Spinks described my humor post as “whining” and got me all riled up again. 🙂 Apparently the first commandment of MMO blogging is “Thou Shalt Not Question Anything Blizzard Does.” I do admit that one of my problems is […]

Wow, not sure I ever tried a title that long… let’s see what happens. Anyway, all this idle speculation about the future of Warhammer Online (not to mention Champions, not to mention the early death of Tabula Rasa) has me wondering something. Would you start playing an MMO if you […]

By the standards we use to judge games today, Ultima Online, at launch, was a terrible game full of down time and grinding. Let me give you a recap in case you never played it. The land of Sosaria was mostly wilderness when the game launched. There were a handful […]

I’m a bit behind schedule, but there’s been some talk about Achievements lately and I wanted to toss in my 2 coppers. So for all intents and purposes, Achievements got their start on the Xbox. Lots of games had 1-off kinds of things like in-game medals to collect, but Microsoft […]

We haven’t talked about the old Killer-Socializer-Explorer-Achiever thing in a while. Time to drag it out and beat it again… So to start, I would self-categorize myself as almost full on Explorer. Logic: Killer — I don’t like being killed in an MMO. And I assume that other people don’t […]