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I’ve been meaning to write this post all week but never did because I kept forgetting to take some good screenshots to support it. I still haven’t but y’all know what Star Wars: The Old Republic looks like anyway, right? Without really planning to, I’ve been taking a tour of […]

This has probably always been true but I just really noticed it for the first time. A couple months back there was a Star Wars Celebration weekend, where they showed off trailers for the new movie and teased the upcoming game. That put us in a Star Wars mood and […]

Yesterday Bioware announced that customers with a level 50 character will be getting a free month of access to SW:TOR. In response a certain segment of gamers (a sub-section of those who play SWTOR and don’t have a level 50 character) got really angry. They’re pissed that Bioware values the […]

On Friday I watched a video about how Bioware anticipated SW:TOR’s Legacy System to work and it got me sort of intrigued. I love alts and a game that really acknowledged alts…well that caught my interest. My “main” still hadn’t unlocked the Legacy system though. I knew I was relatively […]

While the characters and classes of SW:TOR feel right, until I got to Tatooine none of the environments of the game really felt like the source material.

I spent a day playing SW:TOR like a single player game and somewhere along the way, I drank the Bioware Kool-Aid.

In my latest SW:TOR update I took about spaceships, space battles, and what Bioware can do to keep me as a long-term customer.

Yes, I’m playing SW:TOR but I guess I haven’t been talking about it much since a friend was surprised to learn I was playing. I’m surprised to find I’m really enjoying myself! Here’s why.

In which I realize (finally) that the basic gameplay of most MMOs is dead boring.

I’m not a much of a Star Wars fan. Sure, I saw all the movies and I’ve read a few of the books, but I don’t obsess over either. I think I own, somewhere, the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD, still in the shrinkwrap. Bought because it seemed like something […]