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At long last Firefall is launching. I’m not sure exactly how long this game has been in development, but I remember it was playable at the first PAX East which was 4 (?) years ago. The game launches for everyone on July 29th. In this case, “launch” apparently means “we’ll […]

So there’s a certain MMO launching soon. It recently left closed beta and was intended to start open beta tomorrow (though that’s been delayed). I was able to squirm my way into closed beta for the last weekend it was open. I only spent 3-4 hours playing (had I realized […]

Some friends noticed I’m in the closed beta for The Chronicles of Spellborn and have been asking me what I think about it. I’ve confirmed that there’s no NDA so I can talk about it, but I’m a bit hesitant to do so since I’ve only taken one character to […]

So I won’t be trying that Runes of Magic beta right away. The only 1-part d/l service is the aptly named Gamershell. D/Ling the client was going to take me over 24 hours! Alternative was a 5 part download from a European server, then stitch together. Too many other shiny […]

As mentioned in my last post, I installed a new “fresh” copy of the Warhammer client off the retail disks. Before nuking the old one I took a quick glance at the two side by side, and here’s some of what I found. This isn’t a complete list; I did […]

So the open beta for Warhammer Online starts on Sunday (the 7th), but for some percentage of pre-orders, it apparently started today as a second preview weekend? Honestly I haven’t been paying attention. My gaze is firmly fixed on September 14th, when Headstart Access opens for Collector’s Edition pre-orders. My […]

I haven’t seen this officially on the NA Warhammer sites, but the European site says that the Warhammer Online Headstart Program starts on Sept. 14th for Collector’s Edition pre-orders, and Sept. 15th for standard orders. Note that the 14th is a Sunday, so (most) CE pre-orders have a full day […]

So much fuss is being made in the Warhammer Online fan community about a post at a site called Virgin Worlds. I’d never heard of the site but I’m sure the author had never heard of me, either. But the Warhammer bloggers seem riled up by this fellow. Anyway you […]

So the NDA is lifted, huzzah! A million war bloggers are posting a billion beta posts, great walls of text that will numb your mind. Not me. I’m going to tell you that my time in the Warhammer Beta has been a hell of a lot of fun. But character […]

So the further Warhammer Online buzz today is that the NDA is expected to be lifted tomorrow, and comes with a big reveal as to why its been in place for so long. We’ll see. Unlike a lot of bloggers, I don’t have a bunch of beta impression posts written […]