Runes of Magic client download woes

So I won’t be trying that Runes of Magic beta right away. The only 1-part d/l service is the aptly named Gamershell. D/Ling the client was going to take me over 24 hours! Alternative was a 5 part download from a European server, then stitch together.

Too many other shiny things to distract me. Runes of Magic can wait until they can provide a reasonable way to d/l the client.

4 thoughts on “Runes of Magic client download woes

  1. It’s poo.

    Nah i’ve only tried it for an hour or so but I wasn’t hugely impressed. The McT is expensive also! $7 for 100 diamonds? To change your hair is 100 diamonds. To buy a mount it’s 280 diamonds (off top of my head).

    There were p[eople in the chat channels stating how it was “cheaper than subs”. Well – not when you end up spending more than subs on random items!

    I downloaded the client from the Gamershell page also and it took me 5ish hours. Just had to keep searching for the right place to download it from there because some queues were huge and really slowing/blocking things.

  2. well ur missing out i’ve been playing since closed beta, currently im looking for an eaier dl for some friends. if i cant find one then im planning on either rapidshare or megaupload. the file is huge tho, but there is a reasonfor it. Andthat person that’s complaining about the item mall in game is an idiot imo, they allow you to delete and recreate and if u play the game its not bad going thru the first part a few times (in response to changing hair color0 you can also have up to 3 chars on one account. And things in the item mall arent there to give people that spend money on the game a huge advantage over those that cant buy diamonds, its only there to help you along if you wish. These few things are what makes the game worth trying yourself.

  3. Missing out on what exactly? It’s pretty damn awful from what i’ve seen/tried so far. More so it fits the mould of ‘bad asian f2p mmorpgs’ almost perfectly. It’s tripe – and i’ve played some pretty bad tripe in my time. I admit I only jumped on the game because Pete threw it up here but it’s not something i’ll be sticking with.

    The vanity items are too expensive, character customization is too expensive and sure going through the first part of the game doesn’t take long… but then later on when you fancy some changes? That’s when the wallet comes out.

    $7 for 100 diamonds. 100 diamonds will buy you one customization (note, not a complete, but one specific, e.g. face, hair style, hair colour) and you need multiples of hundreds to purchase. 200 diamonds = $14. I believe the standard MMO sub is $15 in America? It’s a bad understanding of how the McT should work (e.g. gunbound?)

    There’s better free MMORPGs out there that offer more visually friendly UIs and game play whilst providing a much fuller account of enjoyment within them.

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