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CNN.com – Georgia bride-to-be fabricated abduction story – Apr 30, 2005 We’ve got a couple of montiors tuned to various news channels at work. This story has been on them, of course. I make note of it only because of how frequently I overheard people say “The fiance definitely killed […]

The friend who loaned me Heathers read my post and wrote me a wonderful email in response. With her permission it is posted in its entirety below: Whoa — I think you disliked this movie a bit more than you let on. 😉 Here’s what I think: Sometimes I wonder […]

A few days ago I went to the bookstore to get a stash of stories for my dear friend Sophia, who is just shy of 10. And one of the books I wanted to get her was The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. I’d read and loved it as a […]

A friend at work loaned me her copy of Heathers and I just got finished watching it. And man, is my head screwed up. This was one dark, dark teen-angst movie. I can’t decide if it was funny or disturbing. Probably both. First of all, it drips “80’s”, which makes […]

estimating the frog:pond ratio – “What works for me may not work for you.” OK, I made up the title, but there’s some good stuff for the struggling writer in this post. Thanks to Cat from OWW-SFF for pointing this out to me! Oh, and the author is Elizabeth Bear.

Every so often something happens to restore your faith in mankind… Yesterday my S.O. managed to lose her laptop. She’d had it at her mom’s house, where she and the kids were visiting, and somehow it never got home. Much frantic searching ensued. Her mom searched her house, my S.O. […]

Our final proposal was knocked down by Paramount. We will not see a season five for Star Trek Enterprise. All money as I stated earlier will be refunded starting Monday or Tuesday of this week. We will not allow people bashing our efforts on our own forums. Please keep in […]

So I need to know, am I a freak, or just a bit too anal? I’m reading Eragon, which is a Young Adult fantasy. (Please don’t tell anyone I’m not a Young Adult) and I came across something that just stuck in my craw. On one page is this sentence: […]

I make a decent wage, but back in my youth I was just really, really stupid. At one point I was carrying around close to $40K in credit card debt. I should’ve just declared bankruptcy back when that was so easy to do, but my mom’s dirt-farmer/fisherfolk work ethic was […]

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