Good deeds

Every so often something happens to restore your faith in mankind…

Yesterday my S.O. managed to lose her laptop. She’d had it at her mom’s house, where she and the kids were visiting, and somehow it never got home. Much frantic searching ensued. Her mom searched her house, my S.O. searched hers. Nothing.

Where could it have gone? No one had a clue.

And then she got an email. Turns out a letter-carrier had found it in the street. SO had dropped the kids off at their dad’s on the way home and I guess in the chaos of transition, 2 kids AND 1 laptop tumbled out of the car. And no one noticed.

Said letter carrier took the laptop home with her, turned it on, find SO’s email address and emailed her with a phone number. And this morning the laptop was returned safe and sound.

Now how cool is that? It would’ve been such an easy thing to sell on eBay. Or the letter carrier could’ve just taken it back to the post office and left it in lost and found. But instead she went the extra step and found the rightful owner and returned it. Very cool indeed.