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Disclaimer: I’m a newbie when it comes to anime, so all you old hands can snort all you want. I just saw “Perfect Blue,” a complete anime movie (in contrast to so much anime that is episodic in nature) by Satoshi Kon, based on a book by Yoshikazu Takeuchi. For […]

“OK, so where are all the fascinating posts?” you ask. I know, I know… you all live vicariously through me, don’t you? Well, summer is here, and I’m trying not to be such an A/C whore this summer. Last summer, I don’t think I ever left the house, except to […]

Found this rather fun page over at Amazon.Com: So you’d like to … Become Anime Literate in 60 Days or Less ” So, you’re looking to join the secret society of the Otaku in sixty days or less, are you? We’re a small, sometimes elusive crowd, but we’re always looking […]

Time for another book rant, and don’t get all squirmy over the title of this one. For once in my decadent life I’m ranting against fetishism! I’ve been reading Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind. This is the second book in his Sword of Truth series, the first being Wizard’s […]

Been pretty quiet around here, eh? Well, I’ve been busy doing a lot of mundane things, but with a goal. A wise woman once told me that in order to create, I needed to welcome my muse. If that’s a bit too touchy feely for you, another way of looking […]

This isn’t news, but I just found out. Fox has cancelled Dark Angel to make room for a Whedon show, Firefly. I wasn’t a huge fan of Dark Angel, but this last season, with the show getting a kind of hip-hop feel to it and the whole ‘mutants vs mundanes’ […]

Sunday night (June 16) TNT has a 2 hour season premier of Witchblade (8:00 pm ET/PT). This was a great series that was tragically overlooked when its first season ran. Yancy Butler, who stars as Sara Pezzini, had to take some time off to go into rehab partway through the […]

Well, I finally finished China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station. (Yes, I’m a damned slow reader… after staring at several monitors all day at work, these old eyes tend to get tired fast when I sit down with a book at the end of a day.) Regular readers of this blog […]

It all started innocently enough. I was placing an online order. When I went to check out, I noted, dimly, that the shopping cart was powered by PayPal. Filled out a page of info, hit submit and was told that I already had a PayPal account, and to log in. […]

A Tale in the Desert is a MMRPG that just crossed my radar for the first time. It seems to be a lot different than most of the incoming MM games (The Sims Online being the exception). There is no combat in the game; it seems to be more about […]