Welcoming the Muse

Been pretty quiet around here, eh? Well, I’ve been busy doing a lot of mundane things, but with a goal. A wise woman once told me that in order to create, I needed to welcome my muse. If that’s a bit too touchy feely for you, another way of looking at it is, if you’re struggling with your environment, it’s hard to be creative. So, I’ve been spending some time carving out bits of sanity in the chaos that is my apartment. I started with my bed, oddly enough. I cleaned up the heaps and piles of scattered books and magazines that used to surround it, and got a nice bookshelf within easy reach where I can put the things I’m actively reading, plus room for a notepad and my iBook. And I’ve made a pledge to myself to make my bed every morning. Simple enough changes, but I find I’m reading a lot more now. I can flop down on the bed and grab a book without a second thought. It’s an inviting area to me now.

Yesterday, I rearranged my computer desk. I broke down a few systems I really don’t use (how often does one really *need* to use a Sun Ultra-5?) and cleared the desk of extraneous debris. I left the PC ready for gaming, but what I was really going for was easy access to the Mac (OS X being my preferred computing platform). I’m still getting things squared away (progs upgraded, stuff installed that wasn’t) but already I’m starting to mess with Real Basic which is something I’ve been meaning to do for a year. (Yeah, I know, I should be doing something more ‘serious’ than Real Basic, but right now my goal is fun and quick results.)

I’m not done with the mundane stuff… there’s the whole living room area, plus I wouldn’t mind getting the kitchen to where I don’t hate the idea of making food… but it’s really funny how doing these seemingly very simple things can really clear your head and motivate you.

I’m blogging all these thoughts for myself, really. When I’m down if I read through my archives, maybe this post will be the kick in the ass I need to pull myself out of a funk.