Sci-fi art imitates life

This post includes spoilers for the new V series, in particular the episode that aired on March 8th in the US.

So in-between walks around the PAX show floor this weekend, and into yesterday evening, I’ve been watching the situation going on with Japan’s nuclear plants in the wake of the earthquakes, and hearing politicians start to call for an immediate halt to work on any and all nuclear plants currently being built.

Last night we watched Fringe from last week (it aired a few days before the quake hit). In it, the Visitors are building bases on earth. They’re disguised as buildings to benefit mankind, but the resistance (the Fifth Column) realizes they’re landing platforms for hidden motherships. The problems for ‘The Fifth Column’ is how to take out hundreds of installations around the world to prevent the motherships from landing.

Their solution is to destabilize the “blue energy” power source in the local construction site. The idea is to cause an accident which in turn will cause people to worry about how safe blue energy is and thus create a popular sentiment to halt progress on all the blue energy sites being built around the world.

I tell you, it was pretty eerie watching that episode after seeing the same thing happening in real life, substituting nuclear power for blue energy…

Note: This isn’t a political blog and I’m not meaning to comment on nuclear power, either for or against. I just found the timing of this particular episode kind of interesting. Art imitates life and all that.