Kingdom Come Deliverance on Xbox: The most confusing launch ever?

Kingdom Come Deliverance launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox yesterday. From everything I’ve read the launch went OK on PC and PS4. Yeah the game is buggy on all platforms but I think anyone who has been around the block a few times expected that from a game this ambitious and coming from a small dev like Warhorse. We’re all assuming they’ll continue to patch/polish things.

On Xbox though? Mass confusion. See, there was supposed to be a Day 1 Patch for the game. Steam got it, PS4 got it. Xbox didn’t. Or did it? It was supposed to be a substantial patch — 20 GB or more — and was supposed to make some pretty radical changes in terms of better performance/animations/quest bug fixes and so on.

During the day on Tuesday the Warhorse twitter account kept telling us the patch was coming, and that Microsoft was holding it up. Developer Daniel Vávra said Xbox users should have version while most of us had Further, there was some confusion about whether this day 1 patch would corrupt your save game, with the Warhorse twitter account saying “I've been told that it shouldn't be a problem. however I have been reading that some people are having problems with saves getting corrupted. so i think it would be best to just play it safe and not try and advance too far.”

Most of us figured we’d better wait for the patch.

Then Tuesday night on Reddit, Warhorse seemed to change their story. A mod claiming to have been in contact with Warhorse posted this:

Hey Everyone, we first wanted to thank you very much for all you support and feedback.
Rick wants you to know that he is hearing the feedback and listening, along with the entire team. He is very hard at work and his voice is now being channled through us. We will always try to respond within an approrpiate amount of time, so please hang tight and know that Warhorse is working hard to bring you the best experience possible.
Please also note that the the Xbox One and the PS4 patch are both the day 1 patches, yet both will receive another patch within the next couple of weeks. Thank you all for being the very best part of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

So did this mean Xbox actually HAD the Day 1 patch and we could have been playing all day? It seemed so, at least for a while. Then a reply from “Rick” (who has a Warhorse tag on reddit) just added to the confusion:

Sorry for the confusion guys, I quoted Dan earlier, so please stick with that. We have mods here who are working very hard and clearly the wrong number was put in pinned post:
From Dan Vavra,
“Hello guys, we are aware about the bugs that could happen and working hard on fixing them. Steam has latest patch already, console owners will get this patch (1.0.3 for PS4, Xbox) ASAP. PS4 patches 1.0.1 & 1.0.2 are the same, the difference is only in territory.”

What pinned post? Which number was wrong? He re-quoted the number… is that the wrong number or the right number? WHO KNOWS?

Earlier this morning, the Warhorse twitter account was back to saying the Xbox One patch would be here “soon” and at the time of my writing this they are claiming it is available now, but users are saying they aren’t seeing it, though maybe it is still making its way through the Xbox-verse.

What’s worse than the version confusion has been that they can’t definitively say that patching won’t corrupt your save game. I mean as long as our saves are safe we can deal with bugs for a day or two, right?

A lot of Xbox owners seem to be asking for a refund and I can’t blame them. I mean sure, screw-ups happen sometimes, but for me the frustration is about the confusing messaging around it. Do we have the most up to day version or not? Is just a typo and is latest? Warhorse isn’t saying, at least not definitively.

It seems like just being clear about what is going on would put Xbox owners at ease; I just can’t understand why they can’t provide a definitive answer. And tweets like this one don’t help:

In case that gets removed, the Warhorse Twitter account responded so someone with “Hi, what is your problem? There is many requests, you are not only person on the world.” even though the person was asking what everyone else was asking: Where is the patch?

[Thursday AM update. Now Warhorse is saying the .108 vs .118 thing doesn’t matter and that if you load the game and it says 1.1 then you have the Xbox patch. So yet another bit of info that conflicts with everything else they’ve been telling us. They did, however, apologize for the snippy tweet listed above.]