GOG.com is just GOG now, not (only) Good Old Games

On Friday I posted a video from GOG.com and suggested it was the first in a series leading up to some big reveal today. Well I either mis-understood or just missed the videos, because here it is, Tuesday, and I haven’t posted another one. Sorry!

So what’s the big reveal? Cutting through the marketing hype it boils down to this: GOG.com is moving beyond its practice of re-releasing only older titles and is going to start offering newer games as well. So what? Well, they’re also sticking to their guns on DRM-free titles. If you buy it at GOG you don’t have to worry about offline modes or SecureROM screwing up your system (do publishers still use that?) or any other kind of “Punish the paying customer in a vain attempt at stopping the pirates” nonsense.

To kick things off, they’re one of the places you can pre-order The Legend of Grimrock, an upcoming homage to old-school dungeon crawls that I’m really excited about. (That link is to the pre-order page on GOG; if you want to learn more about the game check out the LoG site.)

You can learn more about the “Bigger, Fresher, Newer GOG.com” at the site.

Goggle at this GoG.com video

The last time GOG (Good Old Games, in case you’ve been living under a gaming rock) was ready to make a big change, they masked their downtime by announcing the site was shutting down. It was meant as a kind of prank/practical joke that didn’t sit too well with some gamers.

Now it’s time for another big new announcement and it seems they’re taking a different tack this time. Rather than spring the change on us next Tuesday they’re going to be releasing a series of videos. So here’s the first one.

The video implies GOG is going DRM-free, which would be great except…isn’t GOG already DRM free? So what could be happening? I guess we’ll have to wait to see what the next video shows us.