Goggle at this GoG.com video

The last time GOG (Good Old Games, in case you’ve been living under a gaming rock) was ready to make a big change, they masked their downtime by announcing the site was shutting down. It was meant as a kind of prank/practical joke that didn’t sit too well with some gamers.

Now it’s time for another big new announcement and it seems they’re taking a different tack this time. Rather than spring the change on us next Tuesday they’re going to be releasing a series of videos. So here’s the first one.

The video implies GOG is going DRM-free, which would be great except…isn’t GOG already DRM free? So what could be happening? I guess we’ll have to wait to see what the next video shows us.

3 thoughts on “Goggle at this GoG.com video

  1. Maybe they’re having a poke at Valve and the Steam DRM… but considering that’s the least onerous of all the DRM systems out there, I’m not sure why. Origin is surely a much better target – I’ve had nothing but issues with that. Only reason I’m still using it is that it’s currently the only way to get hold of Mass Effect 3 on PC.

    So… looking forward with interest to see what’s coming in the next few days from GOG.

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