Win a trip to London to play Dragon Age

Yes, this is what is known as a media blitz. 🙂

My inside source at Castle Bioware sent me details of a contest they’re running. I’d be wary…the life of a Gray Warden isn’t all roses and puppies, you know. They make you drink Darkspawn blood! Eww! And not even over ice or with a slice of lemon or anything. Blech!

Here’re the details as they were given to me. Sounds a bit thrown together given that you’ll be flying next Monday and have to enter by 11 am CT tomorrow! I can just see me telling my boss “Yeah, sorry, won’t be here next week, have to put all those projects on hold. I’m off to Jolly Olde England to play a game!” But if your schedule is flexible and you’re 21 or over and have a passport ready, why not give it a shot?

Dragon Age: Origins Wardens’ Quest Gaming Event

Welcome to the Dragon Age: Origins Wardens’ Quest, a 24-hour gaming event where 10 teams of gamers from around the world are competing for a grand prize of $50,000 to be shared between team members. Each team must enroll as a Grey Warden and fight against the evil forces of the darkspawn. The road will be tough, teams will be eliminated throughout the 24-hour period and competition will be fierce as each team tries to out play and out role-play their competition. 

Teams have been selected from around the globe made up of Dragon Age: Origins fans from Canada, Poland, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Czech Republic and Hungary, France, the Netherlands, Germany, the United States as well as a team composed of fans chosen directly from the BioWare Community. Team members are being flown to London England, put up in a posh hotel and given access to play Dragon Age: Origins before it is available in stores and have a chance to be the final team of Grey Wardens who will win and share $50,000.

This is more than just a rush through the game. Dragon Age: Origins is a deep role playing game loaded with complex choice, branching dialog, vast areas of exploration and visceral combat. Teams will be scoring points not just for trying to get to the end of the game, but for number of enemies killed, areas explored, achievements earned and much more.

You can watch all the action as it happens on our live video stream as well as support your favorite teams on their dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages. There will also be teams from BioWare and European Dragon Age Communities to broadcast live from the event on the Dragon Age forums, Twitter account, Facebook page and more. Throughout the event we will be giving away Dragon Age: Origins merchandise to fans who tune in and cheer on the competitors.

Join us on Wednesday 28th October from 10am GMT to support the teams, watch the eliminations, learn more about the game and see who will eventually take the ultimate prize of the Warden’s Quest.

There is more information to come including the URL of the event site and facebook links to the competing teams, so check back soon.

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1 – Must be an American citizen living in the USA.
2 – Must be 21 or older.
3 – Must have a valid passport and be legally eligible to travel internationally.
4 – Must be able to travel to and from England between October 25 and October 30.
5 – Must be a big Dragon Age: Origins fan who wants to have a great time in London England.

To enter the contest, check this forum thread. But again, you need to act fast, the contest closes at 11 am Central Time on Wednesday, Oct 21st.