Kick-ass RSS News Aggregator

I’ve been trying a bunch of different RSS Feed readers, but I think I’ve found the perfect (for me — these things are highly personal) solution. It comes in two parts.

First, get yourself a copy of AmphetaDesk. This is a cross-platform (written in Perl, so it’ll run on Windows, Mac OS 9 or X, Linux…basically anything that’ll run Perl I guess) utility to pull down RSS feeds. It uses your web browser to display the results. It works great! Problem is…it doesn’t look all that hot.

So second, get the bolt-on product, AmphetaFrames. You install it by renaming a directory in your AmphetaDisk install and replacing it with the AmphetaFrames directory. Its painless.

Last note for those of us who use quality browsers (something Mozilla based: Mozilla, FireFox, Camino), you have to make a small hack to a file. (Note that there’s a small typo on that page. In two places you’ll see # print out the http headers. $connection->send_basic_header(); there should be a line break so that $connection starts a new line. This typo is in both the ‘before’ and ‘after’ code segments.)

And voila, a flexible, good looking, free RSS reader that you can use on all your machines. You could even run it on a server and log into it from various places.

AmphetaDesk Thumbnail
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OH MY GOD! You folks who have an iPod and more than one Mac, you NEED this software. It allows you to copy songs from your iPod onto your Mac, making syncing two copies of iTunes so much easier.

But get ready to spend the big bucks…the developer wants a whopping $8!! 🙂