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I think I’m finally done with Shadow of Mordor. After earning the Platinum trophy for the base game, I started in on the DLC. I finished the storyline, such that it is, for the Lord of the Hunt DLC and then looked at the trophy list and just couldn’t get too interested in going back to trying to set up the specific conditions needed to earn them. In general I didn’t like Lord of the Hunt that much (it leaned heavily on mind-controlling beasts and in general I found having mind-controlled minions was kind of annoying…they get in the way as often as they help) and I’ve read reviews of the 2nd DLC, The Bright Lord, and apparently it too is heavy on mind control stuff. So I think I’m done. I have certainly gotten my money’s worth out of the game. 50+ hours of gameplay and I got the game on sale for $10.

But that leaves me in a gaming gap. What the heck is that? Well Horizon Zero Dawn comes out on the 28th and I’ve pre-ordered it because I failed my “resist the hype” saving throw. I’m looking forward to jumping into it as soon as the clock strikes midnight. But what to do for the 19 days between now and then?

I had planned on playing Far Cry Primal next, but that looks like a big game that’s going to take a month or more to play. I’m also not sure that fighting with sword and bow in Mordor, then fighting with club and bow in Primal, then fighting with bow in Zero Dawn is the best plan. I don’t want to get burned out on open world bow combat stuff.

The Elder Scrolls Online’s housing patch hits consoles on Tuesday and that may or may not suck me back into the game. Or maybe this is a good time to finally play the TitanFall 2 campaign. Thematically Watch Dogs 2 would be a good change of venue but again, that’s a big game that I don’t think I could finish in 19 days. (I started playing Shadow of Mordor in December, to give you an idea of how long it takes me to get through a title.) I haven’t dipped my toe into the console versions of Star Trek Online or DC Universe Online in quite a while…

Project Cars is free on the Xbox One via Games With Gold starting on the 15th (I think), so maybe I’ll see if the Xbox still works. I also have a bunch of indie stuff that I’ve got via Playstation Plus or in sales, so I could tear through a few of those. Indie titles generally don’t hold my attention very long just because I’m so attracted by shiny things and pixel art isn’t (to me) shiny.

Yeah basically I’m spoiled for choice. I guess that’s the benefit of a big fat backlog. Definitely a #FirstWorldGamerProblem. But these days I’m most content when I’m really invested in a gaming world just because I’m finding gaming is the best way for me to shut out politics and other bad news from the real world. So I gotta find something. Just not sure what, yet.

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  1. Stardew Valley is a sweet little game that might be a good palate cleanser and have just enough meat to fill the gap.

  2. Be warned, at least for me and Glo, it’s been one of those “I’ll just play one more day” type endeavors, and before you know it, another hour has gone by.

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