Dragon Age Inquisition – perfect timing

mageSaturday I wrote about how I wouldn’t be playing Dragon Age Inquisition at launch because I was in the midst of Dragon Age II and wanted to finish it before starting DA:I. And then madness happened.

It was a chilly weekend here so Lola and I didn’t do a lot of walking, and my Dragon Age fever was running high. I spent every free moment playing and by Sunday night I’d hit the 50 hour mark (I said Saturday morning I was a little over 30 hours but I think I must’ve been underestimating and was actually at 35 or even more) and I was deep into Act 3. And it turned out Act 3 was pretty short. Monday night I fired up the game and an hour later I was watching the closing credits!

Sunday I had felt like the end was drawing near (NPCs started foreshadowing the ending by basically saying their goodbyes) so I went ahead and pre-ordered Dragon Age: Inquisition for PS4. I wanted to get the bonus items and I wanted to have the game pre-loaded, just in case.

Monday after the credits I logged onto the Dragon Age Keep website and set up my ‘world state’ for DA:I. Got that done (had to fudge some things where I couldn’t really recall what I had done) and uploaded. Then I went downstairs and fired up the PS4 to make sure the pre-load for DA:I had happened and saw that the game unlocked at midnight my time. That was an unexpected surprise because so often on the PS4 things have unlocked at midnight Pacific time.

It was about 11:30 when I made this discovery so at midnight I went downstairs and starting playing Dragon Age: Inquisition.

So yeah, I finished Dragon Age II with just enough time for me to set up my Keep and then transition right into DA:I. I couldn’t have planned it this well if I’d tried, and I’m so excited to continue to experience the world of Dragon Age and to be playing the new game while all my friends are.