In defense of the PS4 launch library

The Playstation 4 is here and I have mine. I’m a happy camper! (No fanyboyism…my Xbox One should be arriving next Friday and I’m excited for that, too.)

A lot has been said about how weak the PS4 launch library is, and I’m here, at the risk of damning with faint praise, to say it isn’t as bad as some of the gaming blogs would lead you to believe, particularly if you’re already a Playstation customer.

I’ve owned the PS4 for 24 hours and here’s what my library looks like:

Need For Speed Rivals: $60 (I paid $40): This is the game I’ve been playing the most. I like it a lot. It isn’t a system seller (it’s available on last gen too) but it’s a solid arcade racer.
Killzone: Shadow Fall: $60 (I paid $40): Haven’t touched it yet
Assassin’s Creed IV: $60 (I paid $40): Haven’t touched it yet

I got these 3 in an Amazon “Buy 2 get 1 free deal”

Knack: $60 (I paid $50): Haven’t touched it yet

I bought this one digitally in October when Sony was giving you $10 back for every $50 you spent.

So far, this is what game sites are talking about when they talk about the weak launch. But they don’t mention:

Sound Shapes: $15?? (I paid $0) A PS3/Vita title that has been ported to the PS4. If you own it there, you own it here
Flower: $15?? (I paid $0) Same as Sound Shapes. I already owned it so d/led it for free.

Resogun: $0 Take an old school shooter and pump it full of steroids. This is the game I’ve put the 2nd most time into. Love it!
Contrast: $0 Haven’t touched it yet

These two are free to ‘lease’ for as long as you’re a Playstation Plus member, and since every PS4 comes with a 1-month free trial of PS+, everyone has access to them free for the first month of their console ownership

DC Universe Online $0
Warframe $0
Blacklight: Retribution $0

Haven’t tried any of them yet (well I’ve played DCUO on the PS3) but all are free-to-play games available for anyone to download and enjoy.

So no, the PS4 doesn’t have the strongest launch library ever, but it does have a lot of options that you can sample without spending a lot of money. I kind of wish I hadn’t purchased so many games so soon; the free offerings could have carried me a long ways, I think.

Of course the big question is what happens on Tuesday and the Tuesday after that and the Tuesday after that. Will the library sit stagnant until March or will we get a continuous stream of new content? I think that’s the important question that we need an answer to.