Starhawk [PS3] offers Dual Log-In. Is this a first?

Sony just put up a new Starhawk post on the Playstation Blog that talks about the ways of playing Starhawk with other people. The game had a split-screen option that lets each player log into his or her Playstation account:

Dual Log-In: Yes, two players can sign into on one PS3. You can sign in using your PSN ID on the same machine and retain the XP you earn at your friends house. And you can still take that hard-earned XP home with you and apply it to your character there. Although, if youre Player Two, you cant earn Trophies or character customizations (outfits, paint jobs, decals) as these are saved directly to the PS3. Its not perfect, but its way better than Warhawk where Player Two couldnt level up at all. You can play Co-op off-line as well, but no stats get recorded.

This is the first time I’ve heard of a game letting players log into two accounts on one console, but then I don’t follow multiplayer that much. So my title isn’t rhetorical: does anyone know if this is a first?

Also kind of refreshing to read “It’s not perfect…” in a post like this. Honesty…what a refreshing concept!

3 thoughts on “Starhawk [PS3] offers Dual Log-In. Is this a first?

  1. Assuming it’s talking about the same thing, multiple players can each log into their own accounts on the Xbox 360. I have a Silver account for my girlfriend so if we’re playing some couch co-op she can (must, actually) login to her account when we turn on the second controller. She gets her own achievements, etc. separate from mine.

  2. We’ve played up to 4 people on Xbox couch. Some require everyone to log in, actually.

    It’s also only a recent change that you can port your Gamertag to another Xbox. That’s pretty significant for both platforms, I think.

  3. Ah, thanks guys. I had no idea this was common. I rarely do mp and I’ve never done couch-multiplayer (well, not in this generation anyway). It sounded like something new and cool to me! LOL.

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