I don’t even know myself anymore. First I got lured into Champions Online, and now I’ve been playing Vindictus. Once again, I blame Eric. Thank god that kid isn’t a drug dealer or I’d be a wreck. Not only does he have me back playing MMOs, but he has me *gasp* using voice chat and yakking away.

Anyway, if you’ve somehow missed it, Vindictus is an action-MO-RPG. No, I didn’t leave off an “M” by isn’t massive. Well, the towns where you shop and craft are massive, but when you’re ready to actually play the game, it’s 4-man instances, similar to how Guild Wars handles it.

So, things I like about Vindictus:

  • It has a nice JRPG vibe to it, and I like JRPGs. There’s a sense that there’s a story here, though I’m too low level to have seen most of it.
  • It’s very respectful of your time. You hang out in a town, then teleport to a “Battle Quest” where you’ll fight. It takes 10-20 minutes to go through one of these, then you’re back in town. How fast you go through is a function of how much scrounging you want to do (you can break containers to get gold and items if you like) and how many people are in your party.
  • It’s fast paced. The actual combat is arcade-style rather than triggered skills and cool downs. Combo attacks, active dodging, stuff like that. A nice change from the more sedate pace of most MMORPGs I play.
  • It’s free. You can spend real money but so far I’m not really sure when I’ll get around to doing it. When I do, it’ll probably be for some vanity item rather than on something I need in order to progress.

The first time I played I was asked if I wanted to summon a mentor, or something like that. I did so, and was surprised that an actual player had teleported into my instance. And he was personable and helpful. Most of the time since I’ve been playing solo, but the few times I’ve jumped into other people’s missions I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the community. At worst, people have been silent.

The devs did a good job on removing drama from playing. If you see an item, grab it. Everyone else can grab it too. There’s no worry about loot ninjas or anything along those lines. Maybe I’ve just been lucky but so far Vindictus is dangerously close to turning me into a PUGger.

Last night Eric and I ran through 4 (I think) missions over the course of a couple of hours. Sometimes just him and I, once with a friend of his and once with a couple of strangers. It was all fun, and the game has the monster-pinata thing going on. You kill a boss mob and hope to get something good. If you don’t…well, just re-run the mission and try again!

I dunno if I’ll be playing this for months, but hey, it’s free! No commitment..just fun. Nothing wrong with that!

7 thoughts on “Vindictus!

  1. It’s a good pick-up game, but once you get through several of the starter missions that have you going back to the same location — just extended — each time, it starts to wear on you. And by you, I mean me.

  2. Well, it’s definitely not a game for explorers, that’s for sure. So far I don’t mind re-doing the missions because of my loot-whore-ishness. We’ll see how I feel after a week of playing, though. 🙂

  3. I’ve played it a few times when it was first released. I also have a few friends who are really into it but I just couldn’t get into it. I do love the combat mechanics, the fast paced action was fun and engaging. I hated the confusing crafting and the missions tend to become overly repetitive especially since you need to complete certain objects in one in order to move on to the next.

  4. I don’t mind the crafting at all, it reminds me of Guild Wars at the lower levels where you just bring the mats to a crafter NPC and they make it for you for a fee.

    It’s not like Vindictus is a real MMO or anything… I’m just there to beat up monsters. I don’t need to be some master flower-picker tailor armorsmith too.

    I do like how the titles grant permanent stat boosts. It’s kinda like LOTRO’s deeds that give +1 to a virtue but these go directly to stats so that’s awesome.

  5. Last night Eric was showing me stuff like how you can shoot the helm off one of the boss gnolls you get a title or his helm or something like that. But you had to throw a spear to knock it off.

    It just feels like a really fun action game to me, to be honest. I wouldn’t ever suggest it as an alternative to WoW or Rift, for instance. But maybe as an alternative to playing through God of War one more time.

  6. Well I didn’t want to be a master flower picker I just wanted a cute outfit. >.<

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