A re-imagined Lara Croft in the new Tomb Raider trailer

Just in case you missed it, here’s the new trailer for the Tomb Raider game coming out in about 18 months (Fall 2012).

Of course a great trailer doesn’t mean a great game, but with launch so far out I don’t think that matters yet. I’m just sharing this from the point of view of “Trailer Theater.” Enjoy it as a great short-film and don’t worry about the game yet!

(And may I suggest going full screen and high def for this one?)

4 thoughts on “A re-imagined Lara Croft in the new Tomb Raider trailer

  1. I’m confused – is this pre-rendered CGI that they made for some combination of advertising and introduction (like Blizzard’s cinematics)? Or are they planning to also make it into a movie?

  2. I’d love to see some full length feature movies made by some of these folks making trailers now. They are getting some awesome quality into them these days. I love last years SWTOR cinematics, ‘Hope’ and ‘Deceived’. This years new one, Return, ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzdCdRPESps) for E3 is another beauty, on par with Tomb Raider shown here.

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