Infamous 2 demo

One of the first things I downloaded when the Playstation Store came back online was the Infamous 2 demo. I loved the first Infamous and not only did I finish it (a rare�occurrence�for me) but I started a 2nd play-through immediately after. �Never finished that, though, as I’d borrowed the game from a friend and had to return it.

Anyway, I was anxious about whether or not Sucker Punch has screwed things up for the sequel (which I already have pre-ordered). �Here’s how it went:

Fired up the demo, watched the intro which recaps the first game without giving away any major spoilers. Nice job with that! Then a quick pre-amble about why we’re going to a city much like New Orleans for game two.

Finally gameplay starts. It’s fast. I just had to think about moving the stick and Cole is running down the road. Fast and smooth…controls feel good but will take a bit of getting used too; it’s been a while since I played a game with such sensitive controls.

I’m supposed to be following an agent down the street, but the first time I see a telephone pole I scramble up it, then run out along the power lines. The agent stops and hollers back at me and I leap off, landing near enough to her that she dives for cover. Heh.

And then we’re taking fire from some thugs on a couple of balconies down the street. I toss a electricity grenade at them. The first grenade takes out about a quarter of a balcony and sends a bad guy flying. Then I change to electricity rockets. They do even more damage, and the uppermost balcony gives way, crashing down onto a lower one and tearing it, too, off the wall. Thugs go flying everyone which way and, back on my couch in the real world, I literally yell out “Oh, HELL YEAH!”

And then I shut down the demo. Sucker Punch hasn’t screwed this one up and it’ll be here next week. No need to spoil things for myself.

I can’t wait!

The first game is available for free to PSN members as part of the Welcome Back deal and in my opinion, it’s the best game they’re offering (yes, I’ve played all five that they’re offering).

2 thoughts on “Infamous 2 demo

  1. Infamous was my easy first pick of the freebies (I hadn’t played any). I’m definitely looking forward to taking the thing for a spin.

    (Wasn’t feeling either of the shooters, so it was a tossup between LBP and Wipeout. I went with the latter, because I enjoyed the F-Zero series, and I figured I could just buy LBP2 if/when I want to play it.)

  2. Sounds like you enjoyed the demo. I am interested in seeing how this game turns out because I despise iFamous.

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