Terraria’s big world

I’m still poking along with Terraria in my limited free time (having kind of a hell week at work). Here’s my house so far:

I’ve got a forge and workbench on the 2nd floor and an alchemy table on the first. That platform on the roof is to make it easy to get across a big hole just outside the front door. Some dumbass built his mine right there (oh wait, that was me). The little platforms on the outside are so I can climb over the house when I need to.

I found a utility that’ll print out a map of your world. Unlike with Minecraft, your Terrraria world has a finite size, and when you start a game you pick a small, medium or large world. I picked medium. Here’s the map (click on it to get a larger version but I’ll warn you, it’s pretty darn large, and that’s after I cut it down by 50%):

A mess right? Well at first it is. See that black box? On the surface right about in the middle of the map, horizontally. Inside that black box, if your eyes are keen enough, you can see the outline of my house. A bit to the right on the surface is that outline of a second house I’ve build, and below and to the left is the mine I’ve been working on.

I have to admit, I felt a bit intimidated when I saw this map!! I’ve got a LOT of world to explore!

Here’s the thread with the mapviewer in it. Use at your own risk, of course…

3 thoughts on “Terraria’s big world

  1. Do you like the game so far? I’m kind of on the fence. Question: Does the purple outlined tunnel system on the left of the map indicate where you have dug? If so, what is all the way at the bottom?

  2. I like it so far, but it’ll probably be a short term infatuation.

    That purple thing is a dungeon, I think. I didn’t dig it, but there are supposed to be dungeons in every world. It sure is far away, though…

  3. You should really use a small map if you’re playing solo, the medium and large are just too large to effectively get gear.

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