Rift: Relax people, they don’t stay dead

Just a quickie before I hit the sack before PAX.

So some Defiant ?? types were in Argent Glade tonight, nuking the NPCs. The locals (myself included) were spread too thin and too low level to do too much about that. So I just ignored them. Yeah, it was slightly annoying when they killed the tradeskill vendor that I need to buy supplies from, I’ll admit.

But a few people *seemed* to be really upset (and full disclosure they may have been RPing but if they were I can’t use my catchy title so I’ll assume they were genuinely mad). Like I said, they killed the tradeskill guy I needed to talk to but by the time I’d typed a scathing remark into chat, and before I could hit Return, he popped back into being. So I sheepishly erased my scathe and went back to tradeskilling.

So things I learned:

  • Townie NPCs repop really quickly.
  • You can chat between factions. I assumed that would be impossible based on games like DAoC and WoW. My bad.
  • If these guys had wanted to, they could’ve made a real nuisance of themselves by standing there and chain killing NPCs

I think they were just gathering up server firsts… they got one for each NPC they killed. Which tells me Trion approves of their behavior. And I do too. I’m looking forward to more open world PvP as I ‘grow up’ in Rift.

And I’m hoping Trion was clever enough to put in balance systems. Like if these guys had chain-killed NPCs and never were attacked by players, I’d love to see some high level guards spawn to run them off eventually. (I just worry about days when low level zones are pretty deserted and some player is trying to work on tradeskills and enemy players chain kill the only vendor that low level player can utilize, and he can’t find high level player characters to help.)

For the record I did try to spawn a Flare but I guess you can only do those on enemy wardstones. Damn!

2 thoughts on “Rift: Relax people, they don’t stay dead

  1. Those RP servers can be crazy! I saw some folks attempting to RP in a WF last night. Needless to say chaos and loss quickly occurred as not everyone was participatory. hehe 🙂

  2. Argent Glade is the only place I’ve seen serious RPing. Mostly it seems like peeps in the tavern stewing over their drinks. But I can’t be sure. It is amusing to see it in chat. But I can’t imagine sitting for hours as a few seem to do, and emote/talk to each other. DGF and I did participate a little. A male PC walked up and started dancing with her, and his apparent GF got jealous and scolded him. We had a little fun with that.

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