Rift: Enter the Alt

Last night I decided to roll an alt on Faeblight, mostly for crafting. But of course he had to get to Argent Glade before he’d be any use as a crafter, which meant running through the tutorial again.

I thought that would suck, but actually it didn’t, and it went by pretty quickly. This guy (Meglivorn) is a Rogue, like my Defiant character Past on Estrael, but I decided to try some souls I’ve never played with. So far he’s a Nightblade/Bard and y’know, I’ve already forgotten his 3rd soul. Riftstalker, maybe? I don’t plan my characters out really. Eventually I’ll have to in order to be accepted into groups and guilds and things, but it’s nice knowing I can worry about that later.

What’s also nice is how different he feels from my ranged Rogue or my DPS warrior even though he has aspects of both. And of course he can become a ranged Rogue later. At the end of the day it doesn’t make much sense to have more than 1 character of each archetype, but I still want more than one.

I guess this is role-playing to me. Two characters, same archetype, but in my mind they’re very different people with different motivations.

Also, the new rogue is a High Elf and that changed the tutorial slightly and gave me a little bit more story. I’ll have to make a dwarf I guess, to see what else I can learn. (My ‘main’ on Faeblight, Aethelred, is Mathosian.)

The fact that Rift is here to stay (and I’m back to thinking I’ll do that 6-month sub) is sinking in and I’m feeling less frantic about *must play* *must level* *GOGOGO!* and understanding that it’s going to be there for a long time to come. Faeblight really feels like home, even with the queue. I’m sorry @BlamefulGecko but your guildmate Past isn’t going to be around much.

During the beta process we saw lots of changes to the game, some of which I really didn’t like. I still wish some of those changes hadn’t been made, but they were, and what we have is what we have and it’s still very, very enjoyable to me.

I’m feeling a Stargrace vibe these days. Real life has enough bad shit going on to fret over. I think I’m just going to enjoy playing Rift (and I want to get back to STO too) and not fret about details that might have been different, y’know?

So last night found me swimming to the bottom of the sea to explore debris left from the bridge collapse (there’s a fatigue system so I couldn’t swim over to the Defiant end of the bridge!) and poking around mining tin. The low-end tip of Silverwood was actually quite busy last night and I wasn’t so interested in competing over mobs to rush on to the next quest hub.

Trion passes one of my MMO tests: is there interesting stuff to look at in places you don’t need to go? So yeah, there’s a sunken ship under that bridge that I’m sure very few people see. I love details like that. The waters off Sanctum are deep and dark (be careful, there’s a spot where you’ll start ‘falling’ through the water and might end up so deep you can’t get to the surface before you run out of breath). There’re little details all over the place for explorer types.

Meh, I’m rambling. Sorry. Just really enjoying the game and wanted to talk about it but not having anything “significant” to say about it today. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Rift: Enter the Alt

  1. A friend tells me that if you swim far enough into the drink and die in the right spot, you’ll respawn in the other faction’s newbie area.

    Where you may enjoy a very short resurrection.

  2. I wonder how you’d get home? Do you respawn back in your own territory? I got stuck in Silverwood as a low level Defiant once due to a bug, before I was ‘bound’ anywhere, and I was really stuck (this was pre-launch stuff). Had to get a GM to escort me home. LOL (OK he moved me to Meridian while I was offline.)

  3. I’m just glad you are having fun !!!

    Its a great game I know I will be here for quite a while.

  4. Yeah, I’m loving Rift so far. It doesn’t have any one feature that another MMO in the last five years hasn’t featured, but I guess it’s, as you mention, the little details. It’s just been fun, and I haven’t worried about leveling, just meander about Faeblight smelling the roses. Often because I was face down in them, but my mage, Detinos, is very squishy… We’ll see in a few months if I still feel that way: it appears it turns into a currency grind at the end with various factions for better gear? But, for now, it really hits the spot.

  5. I love that there’s so much to explore in Rift. I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time pursuing achievements and exploring all kinds of hidden nooks. If you see a purple-haired Defiant rogue chick named Vansen jumping around inaccessible mountaintops (and dying from falling damage over and over), that’s me.

    Btw, I heard that they removed the whole respawning on the other faction’s side with the last hotfix. I haven’t tried it, so I’m not sure though!

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