Rift server list

I’m sure that if you care, you’ve already heard, but just in case…the Head Start Server List has been posted. Mostly it looks the same as the beta list did. Well, at least for the server types that I pay attention to.

Here it is: http://forums.riftgame.com/showthread.php?79032-Official-Rift-Server-List

And in case you’re reading this from work and the Rift forums are blocked:

US Servers

Belmont PvE
Briarcliff PvP
Byriel PvE
Deepstrike PvP
Faeblight RP
Gnarlwood PvE
Greybriar PvE
Keenblade PvE
Lotham PvP
Reclaimer PvP
Seastone PvP
Shadefallen RP
Shatterbone PvE
Snarebrush PvP
Spitescar PvP
Sunrest PVP-RP
Wolfsbane PvE

Europe Servers

Akala DE RP
Brutwacht DE PvE
Tr�bkopf DE PvP
Argent EN RP
Blightweald EN PvE
Cloudborne EN PvP
Firesand EN PVP-RP
Icewatch EN PvE
Steampike EN PvE
Whitefall EN PvP
Brisesol FR PvE
Rubicon FR PvP

It’s interesting to me that there are as many NA PvP servers as PvE and nearly as many in Europe. One PvP-RP and two PvE-RP servers for each region.

As Moxie pointed out, things could change come March 1st; they might bring more servers online for the ‘full’ launch. We’ll see.

I expect there’ll be queues on the RP servers but I’m going to try not to complain; I’d rather struggle with queues for the first month than be on a server that’s empty once the 1-month ‘just curious’ players move on.

I’ll be rolling my Guardian characters on Faeblight, and my Defiant characters on Shadefallen, at least initially.

I’m tempted to join a Defiant clan with the guys from RiftWatchers and also might roll a character on Argent, the European RP server, at some point.

I plan on being in Rift for a long time… I don’t mean I’ll be doing all these characters on day 1. And no plan survives first contact with the enemy launch queue.