5 thoughts on “Rift video: The Warrior

  1. I should not have watched that video. I’m going through RIFT withdrawals now. Didn’t get a chance to try the Warrior or Mage classes, but everything I’ve seen so far I like.

  2. Two comments:
    – This makes me more interested in beastmaster than I was before. I like melee pet classes, ranged pet classes can be boring because your pet does all the work while you stand back and lolplink.
    – Apparently, typing in party chat about how you own the mob’s face is a crucial part of the MMO main tanking experience that needs to be showcased in the promotional material. No wonder some of us play solo.

  3. Very glad that none of these examples were 50/16/0 builds as people keep throwing around. I can’t figure out why that idea comes up so frequently other than reluctance to accept new ideas.

  4. Yeah, me too. I didn’t want to read *too* much into a promo vid but I did note that they were all balanced builds. I hope in practice a balanced build works as well as the 50/16/0 builds everyone seems drawn to.

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