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OK so I’m home now and can share some odds and ends I captured during Beta 2.

First a short video of me watching a Fae Invasion. Too many to take on alone and there’s only one other person nearby, so we’re waiting for more firepower. Mostly I was messing around with video capture at this point.

And here’s a second video of jumping into a rift battle that is, honestly, a bit over my head. I’m level 10 and the mobs are level 15, but there’re plenty of higher level folks to hold aggro so I cast a few spells into the mix. You can probably see I’m not trying very hard…if I get aggro from these guys I’ll die.

Here’s my character from Beta 2, an Elementalist/Storm Called name Grima

Here’re a couple of shots of Jarmok, an elite (though thankfully non-aggro) and very large Goblin that you might come across early in your time as a Guardian. I attacked him…and died.

This dude is an NPC’s pet. I wonder if I can get a pet like this if I’m a druid?

And here’s me running down an invasion of the Fae. Notice someone is already engaged and no doubt needs help. I was never ‘scolded’ for helping people in the beta. Notice also the weird ground textures…as rift creatures move across the land they corrupt the very earth they walk on.

Finally, regular readers know I’m a sucker for skies (click for a full 1680×1050 version):

4 thoughts on “Rift Media

  1. Hey there,

    Nice pics… i also attacked the elite –> result instant death.

    Btw is there a druid class to play.. didnt see that one yet ?

    Until next time.


  2. Nice pics 🙂 The major rifts off in the distance always made for some cool scenery as well.

    I’ve been wanting to create a guild in game called, oddly enough, Skygazers. 🙂

  3. Unfortunately Beta 3 has been DOA for me. I can’t connect to the authentication servers no matter what I try. Something changed between last week (when I last patched) and this week, but no one seems to know what.

    So unless something changes in future betas (Trion tech support was unable to help me even after a dozen or so exchanges) I guess I won’t be playing Rift after all. 🙁

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