If…you become naked (FF XIV)

There’s a Beatles reference that’ll fly over most of your heads, but anyway…

So all my armor and clothing are “broken” but I’m too damned stubborn to go to an NPC for repairs! I’ve stripped down as far as I’m comfortable doing, but in terms of actual protection I’m totally naked even if I still have on an undershirt and pants.

So this weekend I’ve focused my time on Botany (to harvest fibers) and Weaving & Leathercrafting. My short term goal is to be able to repair my starter gear.

That’s turning out much easier with my cloth-based gear. “Hempen cloth” comes, ultimately, from Moko Grass which I’ve found plenty of. I just only now realized it was the base ingredient for hempen yarn.

So tonight my goal is to repair my hempen undershirt which has a durability of 1 (out of something like 10,000!!) right now.

I did make my first bit of gear: A straw hat!

Leatherworking is turning out to be more difficult. I have a bunch of sheep skins (quest rewards from local levequests) but to turn them into sheep leather I need willow chips. So far I haven’t logged any willow. I’m not yet sure if I’m chopping the wrong trees or if I just need to level up botany some more. I also found those bizarre little mushroom men sometimes drop willow logs so I’ve been attacking them as I run back and forth, but so far no joy.

So that’s how things stand now. Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Inventory is now a big problem… while in theory you can play every class with one character I’m finding inventory spaces could limit that. You have 80 slots, plus you can get a retainer for another 80, but tools count towards inventory when you aren’t using them. So when I grab my sword to fight, my 14 (so far) tools are considered inventory items. Then you start collecting things and you get a moko grass and a moko grass+1 and a moko grass+2 etc etc.

Anyway I’m maxed out on inventory and need to head back to Gridania to contact my retainer and offload some of this junk onto her. And I haven’t touched any combat class but Gladiator, nor Culinarian or Alchemist.

And when I start wearing meaningful armor and need different sets for different classes? Sheesh, I wonder if I can get a 2nd retainer to hold my stuff!?

8 thoughts on “If…you become naked (FF XIV)

  1. Oh man! You’re in Gridania? Is there any way to travel between cities, or are we locked into where we started unless we hoof it from place to place? Is it even POSSIBLE to travel from city to city? I’m in LL, and I’m focusing on combat ATM. I was going to suggest a trade off: I’ll collect whatever mats I can find in the guildleves for you if you could do reps XD

  2. I know its possible to go from City to City… I saw a map once. But I think it’s a hoof-it process for now. I believe airships are planned but not yet in.

    In a lot of ways FF XIV is like Minecraft only much more expensive… still a work in progress!!

    But when I get to where I can do repairs I’d be happy to move to LL… I’m not tied to Besaid in any way… I’m a drifter!

  3. I’m on Besaid as well, but in Limsa Lomisa (LL). That’s where I started in beta, so I KINDA knew the city. Didn’t spend much time in Gridania to get a feel for it.

    I can’t WAIT for the new PC, though. The game RUNS, but it’s feeling pretty sluggish in many places.

  4. Cool! I’ll have to check it out. I haven’t actually been outside the city except for the first guildleve. Now that I know where to get the leves, though, I should be on my way!

  5. There is a boat from the docks of LL to Western Thanalan. From there you hoof it to Ul’dah. You also hoof it East to the Black Shroud and Gridania. You can do this at a very low level, with only a few places where you risk higher level aggro mobs. Bind to Camps along your way and you can teleport between regions layer for 6 anima.

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