EVE? Yeah, I’m still playing

It was March 7th when I posted that I’d started playing EVE Online.

Today I finished the tutorials. 🙂

Y’know you’re not finding much gaming time when every time Raptr announces that you’re playing a title someone welcomes you to the game.

After so long of sneaking in a few minutes here and there to play, while always obediently following the tutorial tracks, I found myself at a bit of a loss when I was finally done. So, once more obediently, I set my auto-pilot to take me 22 jumps to Sister Mary Elephant, or whomever that first tutorial agent…the old-school tutorial agent…sends us to.

Along the way I was playing Godfinger on my iPad, not really paying that much attention. But system after system, the security level dropped. I wasn’t flying the sweet new destroyer I’d been given at the end of the advanced combat tutorials so I wasn’t too worried. But still…

So I set down my iPad and kept my eyes peeled and sure enough! Someone locked on to me. I hit the afterburners and jumped before he fired a shot. Heck maybe he wasn’t even planning to fire a shot. But I have to say it got my heart beating!!

So now, who knows what. All my stuff is way back across the galaxy. My ‘safe’ plot took me through 0.5 systems. Maybe the Sister of Eve will send me back home to find an agent nearer to where all my ships are.

Like I said, I’m a bit adrift (no pun intended) and still struggling to decide if it makes any sense to pay for a sub when I have so little time to play. I figure with the Tyrannis (?) expansion coming soon I’ll at least stick around through that, and see what it’s all about.

I need to remember not to play EVE like other MMOs… not to go from theme park ride to theme park ride, and instead to make my own goals and work towards them. I had that clearly in mind when I started but 5 weeks of doing tutorials will kind of make a drone out of you (I should point out that 5 weeks = 7-8 playing sessions for me).

2 thoughts on “EVE? Yeah, I’m still playing

  1. If you want to jump into the deep end, consider heading to 0.0! I spent my first months trading and learning industry in High Sec, which now serves me well for my income stream. If you start to get bored, you really want to check out Null-sec.

  2. This sounds like you are asking for some opinions what to do.

    EVE allows you to stay offline and your skill training will still progress. But is there much point in paying a sub if one has little time to play and already many other games to play?
    You could do this in a later stage when you are not only able to fit and use battleship, but to fit and use them and all other ship classes really well.

    Early on one must really play for quite a while to get into the game, do missions for an agent, mine some ore, all that.

    I wonder what you are supposed to do in 0.0 systems. 0.5 is good enough, and 0.1-0.4 do not really offer so much more than more ore, more dangerous rats (enemy npc ships) and some more dangerous complexes. I read you trained enough to use a destroyer by now. I.e. you can now use it and fit some guns on it, but your training level in general is still rather low. You simply cannot take on the more dangerous mobs right now. But it would pay off to run the early level 1-2 missions so that you can soon tackle the more interesting level 3 missions afterwards.

    I would not enter 0.0 unless a fleet mate takes you by the hand, and even then, you have no business to do there. You would rather fall victim to rats, pirates or most likely a gate camp.

    You could of course stay subscribed for some 6 more months and then be trained really well, but I think you must explore yourself much earlier what keeps you enticed to play this game. I was mostly running plexes and doing missions, occasionally playing escort for buddies doing mining operations and ratting in low sec space. Some others focus on the “industrial route” an do mining, but this alone would have been too boring for me. I was rather unfocused, Jack of all Trades, but I liked that. I did not specialize too much, I had cruisers, battleships, frigates and industrials of various races trained really high in the end.

    One of my ambitions in EVE was to get a NIGHTMARE battleship. 🙂
    One of my buddies even got a Machariel.

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