Sony gets down and dirty

This made me chuckle.

Look, I know there was immediate internet hate directed at Sony when they announced the Move. *waves hand dismissively* Whatever dudes, let’s wait until we see release hardware and software before we decide. I’m not a huge fan of “waggle” gameplay, but I am a huge fan of “pointing” gameplay and split controllers. Playing point and click-ish games on the Wii, stuff like Harvest Moon, is really comfortable for me. So I’ll probably at least give Move a try.

Anyway, didn’t mean to go on about it. I’m just loving Sony’s marketing department these days. Remember the creepy crying baby and stuff that we used to get for ads? Kevin Butler is so much simpler, more entertaining and, I think, effective.

5 thoughts on “Sony gets down and dirty

  1. I love these ads. Had they always gone this route, they could have avoided all those missteps.

    “Because real boxers don’t hit like this….ehehehehehehehehe”


  2. What was your experience with it, Jaye? How was the GDC? I didn’t realize you’d attended, you lucky dog!

  3. Lol, ok I didn’t go, but I could have, I only live about forty minutes away. The only reason I said the Move is not so great is because I don’t care for motion control. I am not totally against it, and to be fair as more info is released it could turn out that the Move is a must have product.

    But I do love Sony’s commercials for the PS3, very funny and well done.

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