More on Skirmish Traits (LOTRO)

I realize I kind of skimmed over the whole skirmish trait system in my last post. Here’s more detail.

You’ll talk to a Skirmish Captain to organize your traits. Here’s an empty trait panel — it’ll feel pretty familiar to any LOTRO player:
Empty Skirmish Trait Panel

And here’s my “full” panel, tricked out for a healing companion:
Full Skirmish Trait Panel

You’ll see there are slots that I need to unlock as I advance, same as with normal traits.

The top trait row, Attribute, basically sets the ‘class’ for your soldier. Right now I have two choices, Warrior (essentially a Champion) which I got via the tutorial, and Herbalist (a healer) which I bought with Skirmish Marks. You put a Role Attribute trait in slot 1 of this row; I’m as yet unsure what goes into the other slots in this row. I couldn’t slot both Herbalist and Warrior. There are some cosmetic traits; maybe those go in the other slots? If you want your Companion to be a hobbit-lad, for instance, you can buy that feature with skirmish marks. Maybe someone can fill in the gaps here.

Here’re the pop-ups for the two Roles I currently have:
Warrior Role   Herbalist Role

If you notice the red text at the bottom of the Warrior Role, it’s because I had the Herbalist Role slotted when I took the screen shot.

Next two rows are Skills and Training. I’m honestly not clear on what the difference between the two is. As a reward for completing the Skirmish Tutorial, I took “Herbalist Education” which gave me a bunch of herbalist traits; two each of Skills and Training. (Note I had to buy the Herbalist role in order to put these to use).

Herbalist Skill #1   Herbalist Skill #2

Herbalist Training 2   Herbalist Training 1

The last row is for Personal traits which directly impact your character. I only have one of these to show off:
Personal Trait

Changing skirmish traits costs silver, same as changing normal traits does.

And that’s as far as I’ve taken this. I was going to do some more experimenting but the Skirmish Join panel says I’ve exceeded the max number of skirmishes I can take part in this week!! I assume that’s a bug (since I only fought in 1 skirmish), but it does indicate that there are systems in place for preventing you from doing nothing but grinding skirmishes all day.

Obviously this is all new to me and I can’t say how I’ll feel about the system come springtime, but for now I’m pretty excited. Hopefully there’ll be lots of traits to unlock and/or purchase which will give the player many options for customizing exactly the kind of companion he or she will be taking into battle.

2 thoughts on “More on Skirmish Traits (LOTRO)

  1. I will try to get something like a Captain soldier to support my Champion. Some kind of healer type is probably the obvious choice for classes without healing. 🙂

  2. A few notes: The other attribute slots are indeed used for cosmetics. (At least race, hair and dress are customable.)

    The difference between skills and training is that skills are dependent on the type of your soldier (for example, herbalist skills for your herbalist) whereas the training is common for all soldiers (with some limits: for example, the warrior doesn’t do anything with shield training since it doesn’t have a shield).

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