Bioware announces Return to Ostagar DLC for Dragon Age: Origins

So it seems someone else may have survived the Battle of Ostagar, but this person was captured by the Darkspawn (rare, but it does happen. Bregan was captured, after all). Now this individual has escaped and he or she is looking for help from the Grey Wardens.

Yeah, that’s pretty sketchy, but thus far Bioware has revealed only a few details. We do know the just-announced Return to Ostagar DLC for Dragon Age: Origins will cost $5 and should be out ‘this holiday season.’ In it, you’ll head back to Ostagar for some payback, the chance to find the king’s arms and armor, and get another chance to recruit BarkSpawn into your party (actually my dog is named Milo but so many people seem to name theirs BarkSpawn, I coudn’t resist).

Hopefully we’ll get more details soon. Stay tuned!

Payback time!

3 thoughts on “Bioware announces Return to Ostagar DLC for Dragon Age: Origins

  1. I have a up on the subject as well. I’m actually excited for it, but at the same time hesitant to shell out cash for this upgrade, if it doesnt do anything for the sotry.

  2. The pricing on these DLC packs makes me inclined to wait for the inevitable “we sold lots of copies” edition rather than pay full price now for the game without any of the “extras”.

  3. I defeated the archdemon tonight on normal mode and just started my second character on Hard mode. A Dwarf Common’s Rogue. (However, I am actually wondering if it will be anymore difficult. All it says is it will turn friendly fire on and do half damage to party members.) But, At this point, i’d shell out the cash just to experience something different. Thats the whole reason i started a new character. I wanted to go back and experience the other content i might have missed by siding with one person or another. If it truly is “5 bucks”, i will invest that much for an evening of fun.

    On the other hand. Five dollars is not much money. and you know what they say. you get what you pay for. we’ll see.

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