Dragon Age: Hoisted on my own petard

So after promoting Dragon Age heavily for the weeks leading up to the game, I’m happy to say that it is everything I hoped it would be, and I’m very much enjoying my time in the game. I spend much too much time reading and re-reading the codex and chatting up every NPC I can find who has a conversation tree (including my own party members).

Because of this, and a slow start, I assume I’m far behind other folks who are just jamming through this like they would any other game while I savor each moment. According to Raptr I have 15 hours into it, and probably another 5 when I wasn’t running the Raptr client. And yet I feel like my journey is just beginning.

The downside is, I don’t have anything to post about the game. I hate spoilers and I don’t want to spoil anything for others. I’m burning to talk about the choices I made but can’t really do that without spoiling things for myself and other people. Heck I’ve started unfollowing (temporarily) people on Twitter who’re talking specifics about the game.

I’m finding I’ve really missed this sense of “What happens next?” in my gaming. I’m usually playing MMOs months after thousands of people have hit cap and are talking nonchalantly about so-and-so actually being a dragon and the instance that exposes her and so on… you can’t really prevent spoilers in an MMO unless you’re one of the obsessed individuals who stays up for 72 hours straight to be the first to hit cap. The first time you do a group-based quest someone (who has done the quest 4 times on different alts) explains exactly what is going to happen when. Just the nature of that kind of game when you’re a slow leveler like me.

I had no idea how much I’d missed rich western-style single player RPG gaming until I started playing Dragon Age: Origins. I’m already thinking of the different choices I’ll make the next time I play. And I’m wondering what sorts of side stories we’ll see both from Bioware and from talented amateur game designers.

I see this one having a pretty long reign on my hard drive, even if it may mean some quiet days here at Dragonchasers.

7 thoughts on “Dragon Age: Hoisted on my own petard

  1. I won’t play DA:O till Xmas, but will try still not to spoil you anything by accident. I already got a pretty good idea what’s going on, I guess till december I will know a lot of things already. Guess this just cannot be prevented. This will be real problem for you as people are talking about DA:O everywhere and all the time by now.

    But be assured, the stuff is complex enough that even a lot of spoilers won’t ruin that much for you… 🙂

  2. According to the game itself, I’ve finished 10% of the campaign. Several times now I’ve come to points where I think I can predict what is coming next, and I seem to be very wrong. I’ve been playing as a rather honorable/nice guy – Morrigan isn’t a big fan right now. After some mistakes where I’ve upset the wrong people, and caused some fights I didn’t intend, I’ve realized it’s going to take a lot of careful fighting/self-defense to actually play through as evil!

    I’m avoiding all forum, posters, etc., that may contain spoilers. It has been years since I’ve cared what happened next in a game, and I’m not going to ruin it until I’m done with at least one completion!

  3. I have been trying hard to not just blow through the game. I even started a new character to try out that origin, and I may try another one again. The farthest I have gotten so far is just after the fight at Ostagar with my human warrior. But I am loving the game a ton!!

  4. My sentiments exactly. You can put in spoilers though. Type it in the same color as the background, so it doesn’t show. If you highlight the text it will be easy to read. That way people who don’t mind the spoilers can read it, and you won’t have to feel guilty about ruining someone’s experience!

    Example: check my post on DA:O initial thoughts later today.

  5. For me Dragon Age has been a breath of fresh air for my RPG-playing, since most titles that come out these days seem to be MMOs, and I’ve become progressively more ‘antisocial’ and enjoy playing them less due to having to play in common worlds.

    I hadn’t enjoyed a game as much since I played Mass Effect. And this one seems to be longer, which is something I definitely won’t complain about. I must be 1/4 through the game and also hope I won’t read major spoilers while happily browsing.

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