Dragon Age Journeys loot follows you to Origins

When Dragon Age Journeys, the flash-built 2D Dragon Age game, goes live (at 3:pm ET today!), gamers who play while logged into their EA Account can earn 3 items that’ll transfer to Dragon Age: Origins, according to this Journeys blog post:

Q: “Is it true you can get in-game items for playing Dragon Age Journeys?”

A: This is one of the things I am most excited about, and I’m pretty sure that you will be too. By completing certain accomplishments in Journeys, you can unlock 3 items for use when you purchase a copy of Dragon Age: Origins for the PC, Xbox 360 or PS3. By playing DAJ while signed in with your EA account, these items will automatically be added to your inventory in DA:O when you sign in with that same account. These entitlements work across all three platforms.

[SOURCE: Joystiq]

3 thoughts on “Dragon Age Journeys loot follows you to Origins

  1. While I like this idea (something similar was done with Fable 2), I question all of these “bonus” items for DA:O. The game will have a toolset available, and if it’s anything like NWN, you’ll be able to open the official campaign, modify it — including adding all of the special items as well as your own creations — and then continue.

    Of course, if you just want to play the durned thing, that’s cool too 😀

  2. PC has the toolset, but Xbox and PS3 owners will still have to earn the items.

    That said, some of the pre-order and/or collector’s edition bonus items I’ve seen seem silly. Like faster experience gains? Do I really want that in a single player game? Won’t it mean I wind up over-powered by the end?

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