Fresh batch of Dragon Age screenshots

It’s Monday and that means Bioware has released another batch of Dragon Age: Origins screenshots. Before we get to those, though, I want to point out a post at Kotaku by Stephen Totilo, You Can Play Dragon Age: Origins Sort Of Like Four Other Games. He tells us even more about the ways you can play DA:O, including creating AI ‘scripts’ that will control the characters you aren’t controlling directly. He compares it to Final Fantasy XII’s Gambit System. Or you can play it almost like a 3rd person action game and let the computer handle the other members of your party. Or jump from character to character. Sounds like there’s a lot of variety in how ‘deep’ into the game systems you want to go.

OK on to the new screen shots. I’m reading the second Dragon Age novel now, The Calling, and there’s a hunter character in it that has a trusty canine companion. I was happy to see some shots in this batch that appear to be that kind of character, so it looks like you can create the now-traditional ‘archer with pet’ style hunter. (This might also be evident in the Character Creator…to be honest playing around with that was just making me anticipate the full game so much that I put it aside!)

Bioware also released a couple pieces of concept art…the first two images in this gallery.

2 thoughts on “Fresh batch of Dragon Age screenshots

  1. ZOMG CLASSES WITH PETS!!! I’m so wtfbbq in there!

    Which reminds me, I should get back to using that char creator now that I have some time to do so!

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