Dragon Age: Origins — The City of Denerim

More teases from Bioware about the upcoming Dragon Age: Origins. This time we’re looking at Denerim, the capital of Ferelden and a place that will figure prominently in your adventures.

Denerim is an ancient coastal city that got its start as a Mage Tower (now used as a fort). Over the years the city sprang up around the tower, but space was limited by the surrounding cliffs and mountains, so Denerim is now a densely populated place with various districts, including the labyrinthine docks and the Elven Alienage (remember, elves are 2nd class citizens in Dragon Age and so are kept segregated from the rest of the populace). In the Palace District is the Birth Rock, a memorial honoring the prophetess Andraste, who was born in Denerim.

I encourage you to watch this one in full screen, HD mode:

Here’re a few still shots to give a bit more detail:

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  1. Oooh, pretty. I’ll never get the game, but those are some very nice environmental shots.

    It would have been fun to work on those.

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