Dragon Age: Origins – The Music

If you’re anything like me, some of the early Dragon Age trailers has music that felt a bit off-putting. I, at least, just don’t want Marilyn Manson in my fantasy RPGs.

Fear not. Giant Bomb ran a video today talking about the music and the score in Dragon Age: Origins. Take a lot and have a listen. Of course, if you were super-stoked for the Marilyn Manson stuff, you’re gonna be disappointed!

One thought on “Dragon Age: Origins – The Music

  1. This video also shows a lot of the game, I especially liked the pseudo-medieval/clerical murals and windows in the beginning.

    BTW, the music is cool – whoever had the idea to use Marylin Manson (which is not bad either, just not fitting) for the trailer was dead wrong! 🙂

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