Rough week

Sorry for the radio silence so far this week. I worked until about 10 pm on Monday, and 11 pm on Tuesday, and it hasn’t left much time for twittering, blogging (reading OR writing) or gaming.

The bright side is that my wrist is feeling better. I played so much Free Realms last weekend that my carpal tunnel/RSI/whatever the hell happens to my wrist, was starting to flare up. We’re loving that game.

Rumor mill is going great, isn’t it? I can’t believe we’re less than 3 weeks from E3. What’re we going to see? What’s this crazy new Xbox 360 camera all about? Will PSP Go! be announced? And what about this slimmer PS3 (along with, presumably, a price cut)?

I’ve actually scheduled days off for that week; I won’t be at E3 but I’ll be following the news in real time!

Ahh, screw it. Rant deleted. Ranting solves nothing.

5 thoughts on “Rough week

  1. I applaud your self-control. I also didn’t mean to start a shit-storm. 😉

    People aren’t as bad as they may seem in comments. I’ve been over this before with Spinks, and she just came off wrong — she sees most things from the perspective of a dedicated raiding guild, in which framework we would indeed not fit. However, none of us soloers would be crazy enough to want to join! 😀

  2. I hear ya, Peter. If one more thing goes askew this week, I’m just gonna snap and wear white before Memorial Day. 😉

  3. The selling point for the PS2 for me was the backwards compatibility. Ditto for the DS. I won’t be buying a DSi, and since they took the backwards compatibility out of the PS3, I’m not interested. If they make a slimmer model that *is* backwards compatible and less than $250, I might just buy in, but for the most part, I’m sitting this generation out, happy with my PS2 (I’d buy a new one of those before a PS3), DS and PC, with my game library largely still usable.

    A few office mates are going to E3, and my bosses offered to pay for our tickets. I almost took them up on it, but I need to be here for my wife as she deals with school. Besides, I don’t have any ear plugs. 😉

    (I’ve been to SIGGraph a couple of times, and that was more interesting anyways. I like learning how to produce more than hearing hype about consuming. *shrug*)

  4. I was at the first 2 E3 shows and *loved* them. And that was with a crazy-ass schedule where I had an appointment I think every 30 minutes every day. My co-workers all thought I was daft. 🙂

    I have a launch PS3 with hardware backwards compatibility, and an 80 gig with software BC, so I think I’m set with PS3s (both purchased primarily as blu-ray players). I do really think removing the BC was a shame… PS2 games are much nicer on the PS3 than on the PS2, thanks to upscaling.

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