Ever thought of trying EQ2?

Now could be a good time, because Sony has introduced a new “Invite a Friend” feature that can get you lots of bonus exp, and a cloak that gives you +25% run speed, and a lot of other goodies.

And why am I telling you this? Do I want to recruit you? Nope, I’m not playing. But Angela (my lady) is, and she’s looking for recruits! She’d be a great one to get this offer from, because she plays *all the time* and is extremely well versed in the game. She’s also running a level 50+ guild, which (if you join in — that’s optional) gets you all kinds of perks.

Check out her blog for details.

3 thoughts on “Ever thought of trying EQ2?

  1. Been a long time since I played. Was immediately after Rise of Kunark I believe, and even longer since I was serious about it. Always was a good game, but I think I’ve just gotten to a point where my games need to be more about either story and/or PvP. Don’t think I can handle WoW/EQ2/LotRO etc… anymore. Still, that offer IS tempting to take up and make a Dirge and go zipping around the world at lightspeed 😉

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