A few people have asked, here and elsewhere, what this new freelance gig is, and I realize I was being unintentionally mysterious about it. Basically I wanted to get a couple of posts done before I shared much, just in case I totally botched something and made a fool of myself (which is bound to happen sooner or later).

The site is The ‘beat’ is pretty open…anything related to IT or tech that I feel comfortable writing about. My goal is 1-2 posts a day, and they know I have a 9-5er, so the expectation is (I hope!) pretty modest as far as length and so forth.

I think I said I was blogging, and I initially thought I was going to be, but that’s not really how the site is organized. Which kind of opens up a whole question of “What is a blog?” To me, a blog is a blog because of the organization of the posts as much as because of the content of those posts. Your definition may vary. But I feel like I’m writing blog posts, but not for a blog. Confused yet? LOL

You can, however, easily find all my posts here. Though I’m not sure they’ll be very interesting to most of my Dragonchasers readers.

2 thoughts on “Moonlighting

  1. Still, a paying gig is exciting 🙂

    I had a lot of trouble trying to keep up my quota and have a full time job with Massively. It was so stressful that I had no time for gaming and also developed one hell of a writer’s block. So, pace yourself 🙂

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