Progress at last (Valkyria Chronicles)

I *finally* completed Chapter 7 of Valkyria Chronicles tonight. I think it took my 5 or 6 tries all together — with each attempt being separated from the last by a greater number of days (been over a week since my last attempt).

If your first instinct is to leave a comment saying “I beat that one first try, it was super easy.” please realize you will be moderated out of existence, you bastard!!! LOL

Seriously, my ‘research’ indicates this is one of the hardest missions in the game. And by “hard” I mean “You have to play it a bunch of times to see what the enemy is going to do so you can make sure your troops aren’t in harm’s way.” Felt like a big puzzle to me. Blech.


One thought on “Progress at last (Valkyria Chronicles)

  1. The moment I selected Largo and got a up-close view of that behemoth I knew it was going to be a long painful fight. My first attempt actually went swimmingly at first, I eliminated the infantry support quickly and proceeded to take out the machine guns. That’s when I hit a roadblock. I succeeded in blocking the path with those blue rocks but wasted at least 10 CP before I realized the radiators couldn’t be damaged until AFTER the Prince fired! Oops.
    Then of course I nuked down 2 of 3 radiators only to have that valkyria woman show up and start tearing holes in my troops. And then, with one radiator left, I moved the edelweiss to what I thought was a safe blind spot. I was sure to win the next turn. I had put in 2 hours on this fight. And the big tank turned it’s turret and one-shotted Welk. @#%@#%

    Second try I managed to win. But boy was I stressing near the end. Don’t worry though, there are some fun missions ahead!

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