8489 banned for selling gold

That’s what the front page of the Herald says. Assuming these copies are being bought at retail, that’s $424,450 USD in sales. EA must be having a good month. Or someone is stretching the truth. 8489 what? Accounts or characters? If they ban characters, then that could be a meaningless number. If they ban accounts, then.. whoa!

And I’m guessing the serious gold seller outfits set up shop as a distributor and get copies of the game wholesale.

3 thoughts on “8489 banned for selling gold

  1. If that number represents accounts, that does seem like an aweful lot. But honestly I don’t think it’s working all that much, i still get spam a few minutes after logging into the game.

    And because the ignore list is limited, I have to clear out my current ignored players everytime I log in just so I can have space to add more.

  2. @ xXJayeDubXx

    Going /anon in game will stop almost all the gold spam. This is because anonymous chars don’t show up in generic searches, though someone who knows you could still do /who Fred and get a result (even if it’s a very limited result).

    As far as I can tell, the spammers do a who on a given zone or level range, and anonymous chars don’t show up there.

    You can also /hide but that removes you from all searches of any kind — not sure if you show up in Friends lists that way or not. It’s more drastic, and it also doesn’t seem to be needed.

    Yes, it sucks to have to go anonymous to avoid spammers, but you’re not losing much. Another option is to use SpamMeNot (check it out at cursegaming) — I just put that in and haven’t tried it yet, but it supposedly works relatively well and supposedly also reports the offenders, which is the feature I particularly like if it works.

  3. Awesome tips! I was wondering if there was a way to hide your character from a search, guess I could have looked into it further.

    Last night I had a spammer on my ignore list still sending me spam. I had to remove the spammers name and then input the name again, that was not cool.

    I will check out SpamMeNot tonight!

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