So I’ve been at a new job — a full time gig — for a week now. I have to say, after a year of freelance and making my own hours, the adjustment has been pretty taxing.

There’s a ton of work to be done at the new gig and the org chart is fairly flat, which means lots of people coming at the team with lots of projects. So one of my first challenges is to build, quickly, an organizational system that’ll scale well and be easy to maintain. The company maintains a Basecamp account, but I don’t find that a good tool for an individual to track their tasks in, unless that individual is the only one using the account. It’s just too messy for me.

Right now I’m playing around with Backpack and Vitalist, and I hope to have a post about them not too far in the future, as I decide which one I prefer.

I’ve also picked up Getting Things Done again for a re-read. There’s some delicious irony in the fact that I’ve managed to lose my copy so I had to pop into B&N for a new one. While there I saw that David Allen has a second book out, Ready For Anything, and I picked that up too.

One of the first projects at the new gig has been to build an interstitial ad system, which at first blush seems pretty trivial, but the ‘edge cases’ make it more complex than you might think. By ‘edge cases’ I mean people who refuse first party cookies, who mask referrers, and so forth. I actually built 3 systems, eventually scrapping the first two. I might do a post on how I finally did it.

I’ve been unable to keep up with all my blogs since going full-time, and I really miss being on top of what’s going on in the world of tech. I’m hoping to winnow down my list so I can get back on top of things.

Anyway, haven’t had time to post a thing, and I’ve got some ideas I wanted to capture, so this is both a ‘keep-alive’ post and a note to myself.

Still not sure about NaNoWriMo this year….but I’m leaning towards skipping it.