NaNo and Life, Day 6

OK, I *finally* shook off the blahs and got my sorry ass in gear. No, no, don’t look at the work count..I’m still a tad behind there. But behind the scenes I cleared up a lot of little niggling things that were leeching psychic energy away, and I remembered that having a bit of a ritual helps with my writing.

As always, my friends, old and new, have been incredibly supportive and I’ve been drawing huge gobs of power from them.

My MC and his faithful sidekick are on the run now, fleeing down alleys and hiding out in seedy taverns, so things are starting to get interesting in the book, too.

2 thoughts on “NaNo and Life, Day 6

  1. Don’t worry about your wip right now. Just write it. You will edit it later and it will be much better. Just keep going.

    I would stop if I had to go back and worry about passive/active voice, point of view, spelling (yikes). Just write. You know where you want to go with it–now go.

    Ok? Regards, from Chrisdd at NaNo Fab Forties

  2. Glad the writing’s going well, but when are you going to get you’re sorry ass in gear and make another blog post? Some of us live for this stuff. 😉

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