NaNo 2006, Day 5

I’ve decided to give myself today off. I’m already feeling stressed and burnt-out, though not just from NaNo.

Is this the sophomore slump? Or is this that weird situation where the less you have to do, the harder it is to accomplish? I’m not sure. I’m just really having a lot of trouble quieting my mind so the words can flow. I keep jumping back to problems I’m working on for my freelance job, or articles I should be writing. Last year when I was working, I’d come home from work and leave the job behind. I guess because I’m working from home and at crazy hours, I’m having trouble ‘shutting down’ that part of my brain.

As to the book itself, it’s… meh. So far I think last year’s was a lot better, but then I don’t remember what I thought of that one on day 5.

Bonus event: Now that I’m posting regularly, the spammers are flooding the site. No, you don’t see them. But I’m having to moderate 50-100 link-spams comments every day. Vermin. I detest spammers and their bots.

One thought on “NaNo 2006, Day 5

  1. You’re doing great! Keep up the good work. I seem to remember last year, by day 10 you had just about thrown in the towel….Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming….(have you ever seen Finding Nemo?)

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