Virtual Suicide

If you’ve ever been a MMO player, watch this.

If you haven’t played you definitely won’t get it. But I can’t imagine what went through this person’s mind as he did this, and then later when the reality of what he did struck home.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Suicide

  1. Looks like he knew exactly what he was doing and was trying to make a statement. I wish there was a translation of the text at the end…think I might Google it.

  2. Found it! (Heh, I’m gooood.)

    I got this from [].

    Begin quote:

    Drakedog got sick of WoW and decided to delete his character for good.

    The caption at the end of the movie translates:
    “WoW’s not fun anymore.
    tired of 24hour-long honor competitions,
    sick of endlessly repeating dungeon raids

    Seeing my friends leave WoW one by one also was a pain.

    Lastly, I’m tired of crying ‘EE!!’ alone now that my friends left the game

    I want some rest.”

    Admin note:
    This movie is the real thing, I have spoken to Drakedog personally. When I asked him; “Why did you delete you character? Why didn’t you try to sell it? It could be worth a thousand dollars or more”, he replied; “That’s not ee style.. I played evil drakedog”. True greatness…Lesson learned: You can’t put a price on pride. Rest in peace..

    End quote.

    Nuts, I tell you. Just nuts.

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